Branch of Love – Update!

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Branch of Love Thanks You!

As part of the Branch of Love Program, for Christmas of 2017, Manassas Baptist Church (MBC) teamed up with several other local churches to make Christmas brighter for 465 children of inmates incarcerated at the Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center.  MBC provided gifts for 51 of these children and all gifts were delivered to families by Saturday December 23rd. The attached picture shows most of the Christmas Gifts that you provided this year.

Besides the gifts that you provided, children also received handmade hats from the gifted ladies of Crafts for Christ. Thank you, knitters, especially Ellen Miller, Angel Knowlton, Jannette Jackson, and Jan Rayl for enabling this loving addition!!

Thanks to Glenna Ohlms and the ESOL team who provided a number of gift bags which were given to the middle-aged children!

A special thanks to Maritza Neuman for Spanish translation and delivery help. There were 4 Spanish speaking guardians this year and Maritza was extremely helpful throughout the process.

Besides the children’s gifts, each guardian received a Bible, a Walmart gift card, some sweets, and a Christian Book that could be read with the children.

Guardians were typically not expecting to raise these children and the children were typically not expecting to be raised by these guardians. A number of children were blessed to have loving grandparents who stepped up to raising another generation. You made Christmas brighter for these children, who did nothing to cause the change in circumstances affecting them.

The age of this year’s children ranged from soon-to-be born to 19 years. Most children lived in or near Manassas (Alexandria=3; Catlett=2; Centreville=11; Leesburg=2; Manassas=27; Vienna=1; Warrenton=3; Woodbridge=2).

Thank you for all that you do! May the coming year be full of God’s Blessings and Presence for you and yours!

Wayne & Karen Gorsuch

Give This Christmas Away (November 13, 2017)

Announcing BRANCH OF LOVE for Christmas:

You can make a real difference in a child’s life this Christmas.

Think about children whose parent or parents are in the local jail. What will their Christmas be like?

The Branch of Love program provides Christmas gifts to children of those incarcerated at the local jail (The Prince William – Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center) and shares the Gospel message with Guardians:

  • Gifts are limited to children through the age of 18.
  • Gifts are on behalf of the incarcerated parent and the guardian has approved this.
  • If you would like to help, take a Christmas card off one of the Christmas trees and call the coordinator identified on that card.
    • There will also be an instruction sheet, near the Christmas tree, that you can take.
    • Christmas cards will not be on trees until Sunday, November 19
  • Wrapped gifts should be returned by Sunday, December 10 (so that gifts may be shipped and/or delivered before Christmas).
  • There may be an opportunity for a Sunday School class to sponsor a family (providing gifts for the family’s children and inviting the family to church).

MBC is participating with several other churches to support the Branch of Love program which is led by the local Good News Jail & Prison Ministry chaplain. Last year, with your help, the program supported 410 children. 

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